DTU supercomputer – Computerome

DTU Computerome is the Danish national supercomputer for life sciences and is an important core facility of the research and innovation tasks of the DTU Bioinformatics.

Life science research has special demands for the amount of data being processed as well as for the transfer time between storage and computing resources and the size of local storage on the nodes. The national supercomputer Computerome fulfills all those demands and is an important core facility in most of the work of DTU Bioinformatics.

Supercomputer specially designed for life science

Computerome unit was a part of DTU Bioinformatics until June 2017 until it was transferred DTU corporate IT as one of the centers. Computerome now presents compute resources of 16048 CPU cores with 92 TeraBytes of memory, connected to 3 PetaBytes of High-performance storage, and with a total peak performance of more than 483 TeraFLOPS (483 million floating-point operations per second). DTU Bioinformatics is one of the largest stake-holders of Computerome (currently up to 25%) by making significant financial contribution to hardware installation, operating costs as well as man power of the Computerome.

The system is designed using the bioinformatics reference architecture. It has a full set of comprehensive systems management software tools and hot-spare hardware. The complete site is backed up by the premium support from the vendors. The system is the largest of its type in Scandinavia and Europe and is unique globally, due to the fact it is specifically designed for life sciences workflows.

Computerome key to Bioinformatics’ research

Computerome is used extensively by DTU Bioinformatics core research sections and groups. They range from areas of health and biotech informatics, computational-, quantitative-, and systems genomics and artificial intelligence in life and medical sciences (Read more about research Bioinformatics' sections and groups).

Computerome was for example used in the work where Danish researchers had unprecedented and extremely precise knowledge of the genetic makeup of the Danish population, having analysed the genome sequences of 50 families.

Read more about how Computerome was used in research in the DTU article “Danish reference genome now mapped”.

Listen to the DTU podcast how the supercomputer Computerome was absolutely vital in performing the extremely complex computations on piecing together the genomes of the individuals of the 50 families.

Computerome organization

Computerome is managed by DTU’s IT department though it is physically installed at the DTU Risø campus. Head of department Haja Kadarmideen at DTU Bioinformatics is a permanent member of the governing board of Computerome. DTU Bioinformatics is also represented in the Technical the advisory group of Computerome.

The computer hardware is funded with grants from DTU, University of Copenhagen and the Danish e-infrastructure Cooperation (DeiC).
Computerome is the official supercomputer of ELIXIR Denmark. ELIXIR Denmark is a partnership between Danish Universities and a member of ELIXIR, a European intergovernmental infrastructure for life science information.

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Ali Syed
Platform Manager for Computerome
IT Service

Head of HPC

20 AUGUST 2019