Research group: Integrative Systems Biology

The group focus mainly on understanding how intracellular networks of genes, proteins, metabolites and other small molecules regulate cellular behaviour and how perturbations to these regulatory systems may lead to disease for the individual.

Our research strategies typically rely on integration of massive amounts of experimental data. Pathways and protein complexes are key levels of analysis helping to understand how genetic changes in many different molecular components lead to the same or similar phenotypes. The group also works on combining molecular level systems biology data with medical informatics data from the healthcare sector, such as for example electronic patient records and biobank questionnaires. The aim is to combine and stratify patients not only from their genotypes, but also phenotypically based on the clinical descriptions in the medical records which describe disease development in detail.

Group member profiles from recent years

The individuals in the group either have a strong biological/medical or computational background. High-performance computing and infrastructure efforts (e.g. with ELIXIR) are also focus areas.

Research project profiles in recent years

The project profiles can be placed on a space spanned by bioinformatics, systems biology, medical informatics and computational, chemical biology. The group has extensive collaboration nationally and internationally and is also interfacing to Søren Brunak’s group at the University of Copenhagen.


Jose Maria Gonzalez-Izarzugaza
Groupleader, Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech
+4545 25 24 72