Research Projects

The Immunoinformatics and Machine Learning group is involved in a large number of collaborations focused on rational epitope and antigen discovery aiming at developing new vaccines and therapies for a wide range of diseases. They include diseases with major epidemiological significance such as HIV, Malaria and Tuberculosis, as well as potential bioterrorism agents such as influenza and pox.

Research Projects 

  • Development of improved methods for predicting peptide binding to MHC Class I and Class II molecules
  • Prediction of CTL response
  • Prediction of pathogenicity
  • Prediction of T cell cross-reactivity and T cell tolerance
  • Improved proteasomal cleavage site predictions
  • Prediction of conformational and linear B cell epitopes
  • Optimization of plasmids containing multiple epitopes
  • Prediction of protein structure
  • Development of high performance computing and Deep learning methods for pattern recognition in biological systems

The group has a strong ongoing collaboration with the Genomic Epidemiology group and many projects are carried out in conjunction between the two groups.


Morten Nielsen
Groupleader, Professor
DTU Health Tech
+4545 25 24 25