DTU Multi Assay Core

DTU Multi Assay Core (DMAC) is a state-of-the art technology core that support teaching and research activities at DTU Bioinformatics. In addition, the core offer collaborative and scientific services to other DTU departments, other Danish universities and private companies. The core is managed by a scientist supported by technical staff.

Technically, DMAC offer analytical capabilities that span qualitative and quantitative analyses of a variety of biomolecules including nucleic acids for genomic and transcriptional studies.

The facility is providing advice and research service with a range of high-throughput assays. Our aim is to provide our customers with the best in technology and data analysis, while abstracting as much of the details as wanted.


Providing Next and Third generation sequencing service for Transcriptome-, Whole genome-, Amplicon-, Exome and custom designed capture-, Chip-seq- and metagenomic- Sequencing. Services include sample preparation and qualitative and quantitative assessment of RNA/DNA samples for various applications and sequencing, which can be either performed in-house or outsourced as a service with data transfer.

Main instrumentation

Next and third generation sequencing (Life technology: PGM Ion torrent, Solid 5500xl, and Nanopore: Minion system), including robotic Agilent Technologies: Bravo for Library construction. Quality and quantity instruments Agilent Technologies: Bioanalyser. Life technology: Qubit, Tecan: plate reader, and the covaris: sonicator. Affymetrix : washing and Scanner and Agilent Scanner.


Marlene Danner Dalgaard
Senior Researcher, team leader
DTU Health Tech
+4545 25 61 45
20 AUGUST 2019