The research at DTU Bioinformatics is focused on benefitting from the wealth of new data and data types being generated within life science to improve human and animal health and develop solutions to problems of biotechnological and industrial interest. A cornerstone in achieving this is the dedicated effort within DTU Bioinformatics to develop artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to the challenge of handling and interpreting large scale and heterogeneous data.

The research within DTU Bioinformatics covers three main areas: 

The three scientific research themes are horizontally connected and supported by seven research groups and one core HPC facility Computerome.

Research Groups:

  1. Disease Intelligence and Molecular Evolution, leader Ramneek Gupta

  2. Genomic Epidemiology, leader Ole Lund

  3. Metagenomics, leader Thomas Sicheritz-Pontén

  4. Immunoinformatics and Machine Learning, leader Morten Nielsen

  5. Cancer Genomics, leader Zoltan Szallasi

  6. Integrative Systems Biology, leader Jose M. G. Izarzugaza

  7. Quantitative and Systems Biology, leader Haja Kadarmideen

  8. High Performance Computer, leader Peter Løngreen
27 JULY 2017