At DTU Bioinformatics we aim to be the main provider of skilled bioinformatics students for industry, health and the public sector in Denmark. We are teaching content, concepts and methods as they are being discovered and developed by cutting edge researchers. It is the goal that, after taking an advanced course, students should be able to perform state of the art research that is at a level described in the teacher’s recent scientific paper.

DTU Bioinformatics are responsible for the following educational programmes:

BSc: Human Life Science Engineering

A BSc programme in the interplay between medicine, biology, chemistry and technology—giving students unique skills, and putting them right on the front line when it comes to combating disease and improving people's health.
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MSc: Bioinformatics and systems biology
A Master programme focusing on computational analysis of biological data. Systems biology is a field of research which focuses on understanding entire biological systems—such as protein complexes, metabolic pathways, or gene regulatory networks. The Bioinformatics and Systems Biology study programme is highly interdisciplinary, combining knowledge from fields such as molecular biology, genetics, computer science, mathematics, and statistics.
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We are constantly seeking qualified candidates for our PhD programmes
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Courses taught by DTU CBS already cover a range of relevant and cutting edge topics. View current list of courses


Course no.      Title
27002 Life Science
27002 Life Science
27008 Life Science
27008 Life Science
27015 Introductory Project in Biotechology / Human Life Science Engineering
27015 Introductory Project in Biotechology / Human Life Science Engineering
27040 Introduction to Systems Biology
27042 Introduction to Systems Biology, June version
27107 Research Immersion, Life Science
27610 Python and Unix for Bioinformaticians
27611 Introduction to Bioinformatics
27615 Molecular Evolution
27617 Protein structure and computational biology
27625 Algorithms in bioinformatics
27626 Next-Generation-Sequencing Analysis
27633 Bioinformatic for It and Health
27636 Metagenomics and Microbiome Analysis
27685 Immunological Bioinformatics
27692 Module 3: Value creation in pharma- and biotechnology
27803 Bioinformatics and systems biology
27822 Hackinars in Bioinformatics
27825 Algorithms in bioinformatics
27826 Next-Generation-Sequencing Analysis

Head of PhD School

Haja Kadarmideen
Head of Department, Professor
DTU Bioinformatics
+45 45 25 61 61

Head of Education

Anders Gorm Pedersen
DTU Bioinformatics
+45 45 25 61 08

Deputy Head of PhD School

Ole Lund
DTU Bioinformatics
+45 45 25 24 25