The national supercomputer for life sciences Computerome is an important backbone for all research at DTU Bioinformatics. Its physically installed at DTU Risø Campus. A dedicated national redundant high-speed network connects the supercomputer to the other DTU Campuses, the University of Copenhagen and elsewhere such that it mimics the feel of having the facility in our basement. The machine is part of the Danish ELIXIR node, facilitating bioinformatics collaboration across the whole European community. The infrastructure links up into the European and international infrastructure encouraging collaboration on the bleeding edge in the technology and life sciences arena.

The system is designed using the bioinformatics reference architecture developed by the Center for Biological Sequence Analysis (CBS) over the past 20 years and using the best practices in the industry. It has a full set of comprehensive systems management software tools and hot-spare hardware. The complete site is backed up by the premium support from the vendors. The system is the largest of its type in Scandinavia and Europe and is unique globally, due to the fact it is specifically designed for life sciences workflows.

Tools and services
Subsets of databases and software are made publicly available via the internet. We also have commercial databases that can be shared with the different groups at DTU, as well as software tools that can be used by others at DTU. A large selection of bioinformatics software is installed on the supercomputer, including the standard bioinformatics tools available in the public domain and a subset of the tools developed at the Center for Biological Sequence Analysis. Over a three year period, all of the CBS tools are expected to get ported to Computerome. The key programs are updated on regular basis. All the software is available to the external (DCSC) users.

See the list of available Bioinformatics tools and services:

Center for Genomic Epidemiology
Over the last years a number of whole microbial genome analysis tools have also become available under


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National Supercomputer for Life Science

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