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The Danish National Supercomputer for Life Sciences, Computerome is managed by DTU Bioinformatics though physically installed at the DTU Risø campus. The computer hardware is funded with grants from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), University of Copenhagen (KU) and the Danish e-infrastructure Cooperation (DeiC). Computerome is the official supercomputer of ELIXIR Denmark, a member of ELIXIR, the European infratructure for biological information.


Life science research has special demands for the amount of data being processed as well as for the transfer time between storage and computing resources and the size of local storage on the nodes. Computerome fulfills all those demands.

Computerome's present compute resources consist of 16048 CPU cores with 92 TeraBytes of memory, connected to 3 PetaBytes of High-performance storage, and with a total peak performance of more than 483 TeraFLOPS (483 million million floating-point operations per second). It debuted in November 2014 at #121 on TOP500 Supercomputing Sites within life science.

Researchers from any Danish university may submit a call of interest for a project to become a DeIC National eScience Pilot Project. See more in the menu to the left. 

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Peter Løngreen
Head of High-Performance Computing & IT
DTU Bioinformatics


Ali Syed
Platform Manager at Computerome
DTU Bioinformatics
+45 60 90 46 46
27 JULY 2017